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A Variety of Santa Letters and Experience Boxes

Experience Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

This Christmas we are excited to share with you safe and exciting Christmas experiences brought straight to your door to enjoy in the comfort in your own home. From personalized Santa letters where parents can add their own unique details, to a Christmas Eve Experience box that includes snow from the ‘North Pole’, reindeer food to scatter on Christmas Eve, a Santa key, Mrs. Claus’ secret cookie recipe and more! It will be sure to bring joy and the wonder of Santa to any child and family.

We also have family activities and stocking stuffers all designed to bring families together this Christmas.

Our Individualized Santa Letters


Uniquely Written

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our letters contain stories of what’s going on in the busiest time of the year at the North Pole. We give insight on how Santa and his elves get everything ready for Christmas.

Every year, we compose new letters and ensure that your child does not receive the same one twice...parents or relatives get the opportunity to fill in special details about the child, making each letter unique to them! It will also make them wonder ‘How did Santa know that??’


Brings Lasting Memories

Written on high-quality paper, our letters can be saved and treasured for years to come. We know that believing in Santa won’t last forever. Yet, we hope that you and your kids create memories that will remain in your hearts and minds for a very long time.

Reach Out to Us

This year, make your kids’ Christmas the best one yet. Please contact us for additional information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!